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Holy Cannoli!

Updated: May 15, 2020

To Antonella

I find words many times do not capture with accuracy what we wish to articulate and convey in our communication with another. Such is the case with you dear Antonella in regards to our feelings about our 2nd annual trip to Europe.

Thanks to you we all experienced eating the largest Sicilian Cannoli ever with blended pistachio to add pizzazz ! Only Antonella could locate a place at the top of a mountain in Sicily to indulge in a 25,000 calorie-cannoli. It was decadent! Holy Cannoli!!!!

Thanks to you - we experienced two amazing hotels with Ortigia toiletries. And we got to travel to the island Ortigia!!! We are still using those products. Hahahah!!!

Thanks to you we ate a typical Italian breakfast - we would all turn into hippos if we ate that breakfast in Canada !!! Imagine B and granita!!!

Thanks to you we saw archaeological sites we could only read about and reflect on Absolutely incredible!!! Breathtaking!

Antonella thanks to you our vacation was packed with fun, interesting, fascinating, incredible day adventures. Our memory-making mechanism in our brains was not able to keep up the myriad and diverse experiences you lined up for us without skipping a beat.

Thanks to you my family connected with our heritage in the small town of Aidone. A memory etched in our hearts. In one word - surreal!

As for our travel agent specialist - you are a gem - you take care of every detail. There is not a single thing more you could have thought of and or added to our amazing and “jam” packed itinerary!!!!

I am booking you now - I have four trips with my children and my husband has four trips with his children and then we have four honeymoons and the annual Family trips to Europe.

We are blessed to know you. Keep travelling and perhaps start a TV production on your excursions. Everyone will want to book with you. Guarantee!

To the C family,

You are a family who loves and is new to travelling this mysterious, beautiful world.  I enjoy to entertain you with little stories and discoveries.  It brings me joy at the end of the day, I like to have fun, life is too short to be always serious:)  I thank you for being open to these tours and adventures.  Now, I need to go to Piana Delgi Albanesi to have the best Cannolis in Sicily and believe me it's on my bucket list:)