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Magnificent Vietnam & Cambodia

Updated: Jan 5

Welcome to Vietnam

Vietnam is long recognized as one of Asia’s most dynamic countries, Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of colour and culture, blending French influence with traditional Asian philosophy. From bustling Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi, to quaint riverside villages in the Mekong Delta and the towering rice paddies of Sapa, Vietnam’s compelling history is on display everywhere, from the ancient pagodas of imperial dynasties to more recent relics of Vietnam’s complex past.

Departure on the 13 November, 2023 home getaway you will arrive at the Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) on 14 November, 2023. Destination Asia tour guide will meet you as you exit the airport, and transfer you by private vehicle to the Sofitel Metropole Legend Hotel for check- in and have a restful evening in your hotel.

November 14 to November 17

(3 night stay, Hanoi)

Ha Noi, a city of lakes, parks and colonial mansions, retains much of its historical charm and, with an eclectic mix of Asian tempo and French refinement, Vietnam’s capital is a city to be savoured. The labyrinthine streets of Ha Noi’s Old Quarter are the ideal place in which to wander and observe daily life. Here street traders jostle for space on the sidewalks and crumbling houses are crammed into narrow alleyways that are still named after the goods that were traded there - Silk Street, Gold Street and even Fried Fish Street! A stroll around West Lake reveals a different side of the city and nearby you will find the sombre Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, which is usually crowded with Vietnamese of all ages wishing to show their respects.