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Hiking Lovers Sicily, 2021

In 27 years in travel, through all of the crisis this world has incurred, this adventure was the most challenging in my whole career. It was postponed three times due to border closures. Many times, I wanted to give up. However, when I have a dream, I never give up! Even, after all the challenges of flights getting cancelled, hotels closing, islands closing, hikers cancelling and not understanding the impact, to the hikers having uncertainties to Sicily going into Yellow Zone and more, I just kept on taking all the punches and finding solutions for every single situation that came my way.

After months of stress, this has been the most beautiful adventure I designed. I want to thank all of my 19 hikers who stuck by me, who believed in me, who kept being optimistic, and most of all were strong! Thank you from Vancouver, Chuck, Linda, Fariba; Calgary: Corrado, Hai, Christine, Laila, Patti; Toronto; Saquib and Donna; USA; Ruth and Bob and finally my hometown Montreal; Jackie, Beatriz, Marc, Connie, Angela, Christina, and Susan .